May 27, 2009

Increase traffic to your blog with Feedburner

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While working on my blog, I came across a webmaster tool called feedburner and Ibelieve me the tool can do wonders to your sitefeed.So firstly, I should explain you what is a Feedburner? The Feedburner is a website/web tool used by bloggers
to customize their blog layout and analyze traffic coming to their blog's RSS/Atom feed.
Recently it has been acquired by Google Inc. Great news for google fans! It provides the bloggers an easy to use interface to analyze and customize their blog feeds. The tool is very important for non technical bloggers. (Those who have very little or no knowledge of XML/Blogger) Burning your feeds with feedburner does not require you to register your blog feed with google index. The USP of the tool/product is its easy to use interface and no prior knowledge of XML/HTML.It can be used with different Blogger template. As a Blogger I would suggest you to use this tool because the tool can do wonders to your blog's feed(Thus blog) like drastic increase in Page Impressions and Adsense revenue

Here is the step by step procedure to burn your blog feed with Feedburner:

Step 1:Type in your browser window. Or Go to Feedburner link from Dashboard.
Step 2:You can Sign In to the Feedburner with your google account. If you don’t have a google account first Sign Up for a feedburner account.

Step 3:Type the blog address and you are ready to use the feedburner features.
Step 4:Now Select your RSS/Atom feed.Click on RSS feed address because RSS is good for dynamic content as shown below in picture.

Here I am describing some of the features I like:

Headline Animator: After activating this feature, there has been a drastic increase in page impressions(from 0 to 1000 per month) of my blog. Do you know how much page impressions I was getting earlier. It was virtually 0.Now you must be curios to know about what a headline animator is? A headline animator is a graphics window that has been especially designed to promote your blog ’s content The feature allows you to create more than 1 headline animators. So use them wisely to promote your blog ’s content. The feature is good for increasing readers and Page impressions.

Feed count: Activating this feature lets you to count the number of readers of the blog who subscribe to your posts via E-mail/RSS feeds. It gives you the choice of directly adding this widget to your Blogger template or pasting HTML code in Blogger template.

Subscribe Via Email: Activating this feature lets the bloggers to offer subscription via E-Mail. I suggest you to use this feature.

Analyze Traffic: You can analyze traffic to your blog with the help of different Graphical reports.

Adsense: You can display adsense ads and also manage your ads from feedburner.

The above list is only few of the features of feedburner tool. You can explore a number of other features of this tool. All the features of this tool are almost self-explanatory.

I hope you will be able to burn your blog feed with feedburner. And in case face any problem s comments welcome.

Subodh Raghav

Subodh is a tech savvy guy who is blessed with the art of Blogging,He love to Blog day in and day out,He is a Software Engineer and a Certified Web Enthusiast.


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