Jul 3, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3: Pros and Cons

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Any innovation in the field of technology and gadgets is always perceived to be the best yet. It’s hyped to the extent that all what people see are the positive things and this fact is quite sad because after all, nothing is perfect. There will always be a flaw in anything and sometimes a flaw isn’t visible to a person who won’t look for it. Or worst, the best things about a certain gadget overshadows it.
It’s best to compare everything first and see to it that despite the flaws, the pros or the best features are many enough to keep the bad thing out of track. But if it’s something else, it’s better to think twice before purchasing it.
When it comes to overhyped gadgets, the newly released Samsung Galaxy S3 is a definite example of a victim of such concept. Considering that prior to the official release, people were going gaga over the release of the specifications and comparing it to, even saying it can trample, the iPhone line of Apple.
The features of Samsung Galaxy S3 is admirable, great to an extent. It’s a breather from all the mediocre smartphones released by Samsung and to simply put, the company definitely put up their best into producing this new offering to the market.
Dubbed as “designed by humans, inspired by nature”, this smartphone boasts everything that iPhone has. And during the early days of its release, most first users said that it’s up there with the iPhone series, if not surpassing it by a mile. But as smart consumers, you shouldn’t be jaded by those reviews and also see the both sides to it.
It’s best to list the pros and the cons of a product in order to see if it’s worth the money to be spent on buying it. So here are the both sides, the good and the somehow bad, of the Samsung Galaxy S3:

  1. The Samsung Galaxy S3 boasts its Quad core processor. This means superb graphics can be viewed in its amazing screen. So far among all the Samsung smartphones, this is the best one yet in terms of screen resolution.
  2. So much is packed in its slim form, considering also that its quad core.
  3. Amazing quality of camera that can be compared to iPhone’s. 
  4. A wide array of connectivity options are available for every situation.
  5. A big upgrade on the field of software that’s really a big leap from the previous phones of Samsung. 
  6. The removable battery is a big plus because you can have the option to buy another battery once the original starts acting up without hassle. Unlike other phones with built-in batteries.
  1. Design is nothing special aside from the big screen so you can’t help but wonder where the “inspired by nature” comes in.
  2. It’s camera could’ve match Xperia S’s 12 megapixels mark but did not.
  3. The pentile display with pixel sharing isn’t recommended in a phone like this.
  4. Touchwiz is nothing worth mentioning about.
  5. It only supports micro sim which isn’t available in most countries thus creating problems and fuss about its functioning capacity.

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