May 28, 2012

5 Beautiful Uses of Google Search Box

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In this post, I am going to reveal some little known uses of Google search box. These uses can increase your productivity at office and will save your time as well.

What You Know:

Google is a search engine and can find any information for you.  And the results are quite accurate and fast as well. All we need to provide the keyword or text and Google will do the rest.

You May Not Know: 

Google search box is like our brain which can do a variety of things. The search box can be used as a calculator, spellchecker, dictionary and so on.

1. Calculator: The box can used to perform some simple mathematical calculations. For ex.

2. Currency Converter:

The box can be used for currency conversions. For ex: Let’s say we want to convert 50 USD into GBP then we need to use the following syntax.

3. Dictionary Definitions:

You can find the dictionary meaning of a particular word by using the following syntax.

4. Fill in The Blank:

Sometimes you don’t know the exact or complete phrase to be searched. So you can do it by placing an * at the end of the phrase.

5. Spell Checker:

The search box can also be used for checking the spelling of a word. All you need to type the keyword in the box and Google’s built in spell checker will tell you if the spelling is correct or not.


These are the few uses of Google search box that I discovered. There are many other uses of search box, I guess.

All you need to explore and discover!

Subodh Raghav

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