Jun 21, 2009

How to Submit Blogger Blog Sitemap to Google

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If you want to get included in Google search Results you have to submit your Blogger Blog/site to google.Here is the step by step procedure:

Step1:Login to your Blogger account and from the dashboard Click Webmaster Tools link.You will be landed into the screen shown below:

Step 2:Click Add a Site Button and You will see the following screen as below:
Type the url of your blogger template site and click Continue Button. not use www or Http before the url)

Step 3:Now google asks you to verify your site as shown below:
Here you can see that Status as NOT VERIFIED.
Step 4:Now you have to verify your site.Copy the Meta tag displayed by Webmaster as you can see in above picture and paste it at the place shown in the above picture.In case you are not sure where to paste meta tag then From Dashbord Go to Layout>Edit HTML and find the Title Tag and Paste the meta tag just above the Title Tag,save your Changes and see the status of your site in webmaster tools and it will be shown as Verified status OK.
Step 5.Now in webmaster tools Go to Dashboard and Click Sitemaps and you will be landed into following screen as:
Click on the Add a sitemap Button and you will see Following screen:

Type "rss.xml" in the box provided next to your blog/site url and click Submit Sitemap Button.Blogger creates a RSS feed at the time when you create your blog and google accepts RSS and Atom feed as sitemap.

Its done now and google will take some time to tell the status of indexed urls of your Blogger Blog site.
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