Jul 14, 2009

How to Add a Language Translater Widget

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Do you want to add a Language Translator widget to your Blog, offering your readers the functionality of converting the blog in any language.Both Microsoft and Google added widgets for translating your web page into another language. I have recently added a Google Language Translate Widget in my
Blog. With this Google translation widget you can translate English to many other languages like Arabic , Bulgarian , Chinese , Croatian , Czech , danish , Dutch , Finnish , French , German , Greek , Hindi , Italian , Japanese , Korean ,Norwegian , Polish , Portuguese ,Romanian , Russian , Spanish and Swedish. Lets take a look at the widgets:

Here is the step by step procedure to add Google Translate widget:
Step 1:From dashboard Log In to your blogger account and go to Layout.On the right side bar Click the Add a Gadget tab and select HTML/Java Script from the widget type list.
Step 2:Paste the following line of Code into the above created widget:
<script src="
Step3:Save changes and Preview your blog to see the widget working or not.
Now let's have a look at the sample Page after the translation in Hindi:

Conclusion: I have used the Google Translate Widget in my blog and its translation is good except some minor mistakes.The only thing i dislike about this widget is that it has got a slightly big size as Google Logo has been embeded inside the widget. Other popular widgets are Microsoft Translate and Yahoo Babel Fish.The Microsoft widget works only with Internet Explorer and the Yahoo Babel Fish widget does not support as many languages as a Google widget.
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