Apr 28, 2012

Read Today's Newspaper Online

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Want to read today's newspaper online on the web. It is possible now. With the start of ePaper service by all the major media houses like Hindustan Times, Times of India and many others, it is possible to read your news paper's digital copy on your laptop or mobile phone.

This is the screenshot of my screen while reading ePaper Hindustan Times. And it is the exact replica of the hard copy of the same news paper.

Learn More About ePaper:

The service is available in India and is free of cost until now. You can also subscribe to this service in India. While outside India, there are little subscription charges.

To read the first copy of of your newspaper, you will need to go to particular site and find the ePaper. Here is the preview of famous ePaper Hindustan Times.

You can also choose the edition of your city. For example if you want to read Delhi edition then you can read it by clicking on the Delhi edition. However, you need to check if the particular ePaper service is offered for your city.

You can also download and save the ePaper for offline reading, using PressReader. And can also be read on  your mobile device by following some simple steps.

Who are Offering ePaper Service:

At present there are quite a few media houses who are offering this service in India. Some of them are:

1. Hindustan Times
2. Times of India
3. Amar Ujala
4. Indian Express
5. Deccan Chronicle


1. You can read it while on the go and it will save your time too.
2. You can do more with the epaper. You can voice your opinion on a particular article rightaway by leaving comments.
3. You can download , print an bookmark an article for reading later. You will have a faster access when you need it.

I like it.

What's your eThoughts!

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  1. Epaper is the best source as you know India is developing so the old tradition needs to be changed too