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EzeHacks , covers a wide-range of topics that concern computer software, web applications, social media, software engineering, consumer gadgets all the way to Life Hacks and many more. Here you will find informative articles about subjects that most people are concerned about such as the latest gadgets’ pros and cons and various topics about the social media.

The purpose of this blog is primarily to help the readers make the most out of the software tools and web technologies available to them. In this way, it becomes much easier to focus on the things that matters most to them and they can pay attention to what they love. Furthermore, this blog also covers highly informative, innovative and interesting content that most internet users are unaware of. One of the objectives of this blog is to allow the readers (or the internet users in general) to discover new information and useful pointers that can increase their productivity and knowledge about the current technology.

About The Author

Subodh Raghav, a software engineer and certified web enthusiast, acquired his formal education and training at Aligrarh Muslim University. He holds a Masters Degree in Computer Application and as of the present time; takes pride in working in the I.T. industry. His professional history states that he had also worked for I.T. companies such as R Systems, PageTraffic and NetEdge.

Currently, he shares his passion by way of imparting his knowledge and expertise to internet users all over the globe through brand new and innovative resources that can be found by simply browsing the web. Subodh’s efforts to make computer and internet technology accessible to everyone enabled him to write and develop his own blog; and at the same time, to continuously enhance his skills in the face of constant technological advancements.

Subodh’s first article had been featured and published in EzineArticles and ArticlesBase among many others. As a programming enthusiast and a self-confessed “programming addict”, he has created various software applications to maximize the lifestyles of the modern internet users and other people who share his passion for computer technology. With over 60 original posts in his blog, EzeHacks , he continues to impart his expertise to others by way of posting new and valuable information that can make a major difference in people’s lives.

Subodh’s hobbies and personal interests include writing informative blogs and surfing the internet; and he also takes inspiration from music and physical sports such as Cricket. Currently, he works for a Software Company in Noida, India; and is the author of his own blog, EzeHacks .

In his blog, he finds ways to help people make the most out of the available resources in order to become more productive in their endeavors. In addition to that, he also educates his readers on how they can manage their time well with the help of technology, computer and various web applications. He also likes to challenge the readers’ technological abilities to encourage them to continue discovering and learning what modern technology has in store for them.

Subodh shares his passion in EzeHacks where he also simplifies some aspects of technology in order to make them more accessible to everyone.