The Setup

This blog is hosted on platform and it has a sub domain. I am using Max Mag blogger theme with some customizations. So this theme may look different from original theme.

My Hardware

I use HP Notebook for creating and publishing articles on this blog. And I use my Sony Digital camera & iPhone 5S for taking pictures.

My Software
  • Notes: Note Pad
  • RSS Feed: Feedburner
  • Screen Capture: SnagIt
  • Image Editing: Adobe Photoshop, Paint, Windows Image Viewer
  • Text Editing: MS Word / Notepad
  • Web Browser: Firefox
  • Office: Microsoft Office 365
  • Files: Google Drive, Dropbox
  • Documents: Slideshare
  • CMS:
My Helpers & Pointers

I take help from Google to find out the data for my articles. And Google never says No. It always helps me like a good friend. Sometimes helpers come through ocean of my brain that has access to all the information in this world. I simply connect my brain with this world to download this data.


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