Apr 18, 2009

Write a great Resume in 4 easy Steps

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A resume is a document which has all the details about you and your career. Now the million dollar question is how to write a resume that would get maximum interview calls. Should I follow a particular format? Never!  Look around and have a look at the different formats available. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of each format. In the end, select a format which is best for your career.

A Google search of the term ‘Resume’ would leads to a number of links which might confuse the job seeker. You will get so many contradictory advices on writing a resume so that it virtually impossible to know what is right. I wonder if these people have ever written a resume? Here is the tested and proven procedure which is easy to follow.

How to write a resume:

Step 1: Make a list of items/headings you want to write in your resume. For e.g. Experience Summary, Project Details, Education, Personal Details etc.

Step2: Assign a rank to each item. Give rank 1 to item most important to the job and lowest to less item.

Step 3: Write the pieces of information in order of their rank, highest rank first.

Step 4: Eliminate errors (if any)

Guidelines to be followed while writing a resume:

1. Write your resume as if you are the employer. This means that you should write your resume from the perspective of the employer.

2. Do not lie or fake skills/experience.

3. You should avoid spelling/grammatical mistakes.

4. The terms representing skills which are very important for the job applied for, should be highlighted.

5. Design your own format and do not try to copy typical formats, because this separates out your resume from the crowd.

6. A good advertisement damages a bad product. Therefore you should have all the skills written in a resume otherwise a good resume could damage your impression completely.

7.  Always use innovative headings rather than using classical headings.

8. Do not pour everything about yourself on the resume as it is good to spare something fresh for the interview.

9. Use numbers to represent experience, achievements rather than using descriptive phrases.

10. Do not write more than 5 sentences while describing an item.

Headings you can use in your resume:

Objective, Education, Functional Summary, experience, references, Languages, Additional Qualifications, Awards received, Personal profile, Accreditations, extra curricular activities, Certifications, Volunteer experience etc.

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