Apr 18, 2009

How to Speed up Your Computer

By on 10:38 AM

Is your PC running slow or takes more time to start up than usually it does. Here I am giving you some very important tips to speed up your PC.

Here are some simple tips:

1. Run Disk Clean Up Utility. This will delete all the unneeded files from your computer.

How to do it: Start>All Programs>Accessories>System tools>Disk Clean Up

2. Run Defragment Utility:

What is Defragmentation: The process of rewriting parts of a file to contiguous sectors on a hard disk
to increase the speed of access and retrieval.

How to do it: Start>All Programs>Accessories>System tools>Disk Defragmenter

3. Remove all Toolbar From the Task Bar:

How to do it: Left click on empty area of the task bar>toolbars>Uncheck quick launch

After making above changes if your PC does not work faster then please contact your hardware vendor in case it needs any hardware updates like RAM,CPU.

Subodh Raghav

Subodh is a tech savvy guy who is blessed with the art of Blogging,He love to Blog day in and day out,He is a Software Engineer and a Certified Web Enthusiast.


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