Jan 13, 2011

How to Create a Fake Name

By on 12:46 AM

How many people are using fake names on web! It's still a mystery for me.I am also thinking of creating a fake name and in search of a good english name.I live in India and do not know many english names.

Only english names I know are of England and Australian cricketers in fact remember only the famous players like Ricky Ponting,Symonds,Adam Gilchrist,Shane Warne  etc.

Later I decided to ask my friend,philospher and guide Google and as always Google did not disappointed me in fact I found a no. of fake name generator tools each with unique features.With these simple tools you can generate fake names in any language and for any country.Here is the list:

1.Fake Name Generator
2.Nick Name Generator
3.Very British Name Generator
4.Behind The Name
5.Real English Names 

Here are the results that I have got from these tools.

Real Name          Fake Name
Subodh                Mario Estrada
Subodh                Jeremy V. Villa
Subodh                Conor

Enjoy generating fake names and do not forget to share your fake name with your friends.

Subodh Raghav

Subodh is a tech savvy guy who is blessed with the art of Blogging,He love to Blog day in and day out,He is a Software Engineer and a Certified Web Enthusiast.


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