Jan 16, 2011

How to Search with in a Site

By on 11:38 PM

Is it possible to do a search with in the site without even visiting the site! Let me put it in other words,how to search with in a site which has no site search feature.

We often come across on sites that have no site search feature and it's virtually impossible to search for  the desired information with in the site.

You can search for the desired information within a site by following these simple tips.
First Go to the Sitemap and locate the desired information by having a look at the content.
Second Do a Google Search as per the following syntax:
Keyword site: Site Url 
Example: Let's say you are looking for "Make money blogging" with in the site Web Skills then you will have to type the following text in Google search box.

"make money blogging site:"(Exclude quotes)

Conclusion You need to follow the lesser no. of steps with this search method than the typical method of visiting the site and then doing a search.

Subodh Raghav

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