Jan 22, 2011

Use Your Yahoo Id to Sign in to Multiple Sites!

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Every time I visit a new site it requires to create a login & password and then let me to continue. And I am tired of going through the Sign Up process of these websites, even more difficult is to remember the login details for every website.

My life on the web begin few years back , created hundreds of profiles on different sites and to your surprise remember only a few like Yahoo,Google,Twitter etc. But with Open Id , you need to remember only one User id and Password to log in to all the sites that support Open id login.

In a nutshell: 

Open Id is a technology standard which allows you to sign in to multiple sites with one User Id and Password. In other words, having an Open Id gives you a free  a ticket to access multiple sites. In fact you can log in to multiple sites with your Open Id login details.

How it works:

If you are having a blog on Google, the blog URL can be used as the Open Id to sign in to sites. An Open Id URL looks like as:


When you select to Sign In with an Open Id on a Open Id enabled site, you will be sent to Open Id provider's site to verify your credentials and then sent back to the original site. When you create an Open Id with a provider (Ex-Yahoo, Google, MyOpenId, VeriSign, ClaimId etc.), an Open Id Identifier(called as Open Id URL) is generated and it is this URL which is used to authenticate your identity.

How to create Open id:

You may already have an Open Id if you are using Yahoo or Google service. In fact you can use your existing Yahoo, Google Id's as an open Id. I am using  my existing Yahoo Id as an Open Id because I did not wanted to add a another Id to my existing long list of Id's.

If you want to see your Open id in action, experience it at , one of the website that is offering this service. Raju Vegesna at ZoHo says that "We now offer all our users the ability to login to ZoHo using their Google Account to avoid the need to create yet another login and password".


One User Id and Password and access to a no. of sites! Life is getting simpler and easier. Now there is no need to share your login details with the unknown sites or sites you do not trust. However, still you are providing your details to an external source but it is someone you know (such as Yahoo or Google) and trust.

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