Mar 20, 2011

Is commenting on Blogs worthless!

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No, If the comments have been made in the right spirit and after reading the complete blog post. There are two aspects of blogging; Blog Posts & Comments and the comments are considered to be good for a blog. But some blogger prevent readers from commenting on their blog by deactivating the comments feature.

It's fair enough if the post has already received a no. of comments and there is no scope for further commenting. But can it be justified for a new post that has the right to receive comments. What I can make out of this is that either they consider their post complete & final word on the topic or want to get rid of spammers.

Moreover, deactivating the comments is no solution to the problem even for getting rid of spammers. What can be done is to motivate the readers to write meaningful and real comments. Also, the readers of a blog hardly gets any space in a blog post except in the comments section. Unlike other blogger, I am taking the the initiative to give my readers the credit they may deserve. Because a post can not said be complete unless it has got some comments. This post is nothing but a collection of best comments that I have received over the time on my blog. And to be fair enough I have selected only a few good comments as per the following criteria:
  • If the comment has something to complement my post 
  • If the comment is not a spam, I mean it is not written for the purpose of putting a link on by blog or for any commercial purpose 
  • If the comment is not generic or duplicate 
  • If it is written about an error or mistake in my article 
  • If it's a natural comment that means reader liked/disliked the article and virtually forced to make a comment
  • If the comment is not a one word comment like "Great Post" or "Thanks"
  • If the comment is meaningful and has come after reading the article

Dean wrote...

"greetings to all.I would first like to thank the writers of this blog by sharing information, a few years ago I read a book called guanacaste costa rica in this book deal with questions like this one."

My Take: Very good comment except the initial line "Greetings to All". He did not mentioned the reason for Greetings, otherwise the best and the real comment.

Software test training wrote...

"Thanks so much for posting this, it'll be a great help on my blog. I love these little softwares, they make all the difference. thank you also for the code and the step by step instructions. Have a great week!"

My Take: This comment is really complimenting the post and also very clear in what he liked about the article. Great starting and excellent ending.

Term Papers wrote...

"I have been visiting various blogs for my term papers writing research. I have found your blog to be quite useful. Keep updating your blog with valuable information... Regards"

My Take: Here the reader telling everyone how you can make use of web and blogs for their study assignments. Great Comment!

Aryan wrote...

"hey sandeep,thanks for the info man...i already had the same kind of information or notes from other bloggers man..but u have made it simple...I am just at the starting stage of blogging they are still in construction stage...check out my blog for a sec and let me know how it is..? alright che"

My Take: Though the comment is quite long but still managed to make a point that why he liked the post. Looks a bit spam as comment is suggesting to make a visit to his blog.

Michael wrote...

"You have written a very good article on side effects of blogging, you are great at writing on complex issues in a simple language."

My Take: To the point and also very clear why he liked the article and the author.

fikiranminda wrote...


My Take: The comment is great as he is telling his experience of actually doing what is written in the post. Also, taking the discussion further by having a query about How to add Thumbnails.

Payday loan wrote...
"hey i had a problem with installation but i think i will do it now.thanks a lot"

My Take:  Great Comment! The reader is so confident after reading my article that he says I can do it now.

Get a Blog wrote...

"Technology is an important part of our life and writing articles about technology is even harder.Thanks for sharing nice post."

My Take: The first sentence looks like a punchline but still managed to say a lot about the article. Nicely blended the technology and blogging in a single sentence. Copywriter's comment!

Benivolent wrote...

"Nice information.Great analysis for every one.Thanks for this.You have done a great job."

My Take: A typical reader's comment with lots of thanks, great job etc. etc. 

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