Sep 18, 2011

Read Your Favorite Books Online Free!

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Now you can read your favorite books  online at Google Books. Though Google search can provide you all the information about any topic/subject but there is always a question mark on its credibility.  A book (even if it's an e-book) provides you the correct and systematic information about any topic/subject.

The experience of reading an Google e-book is very similar to reading a paper book on your table. Even some of the e-book  features are impossible to find when reading a paper book.

Features of an e-book you would love to know:
  • You can increase/decrease the font size
  • You can jump to any topic at the single click
  • You can share the book with your friends by sending a link Eg.
  • The E-Books are 100% weightless. In fact, an e-book can be taken to your site/blog by just pasting the HTML code and the complete e-book will be on your table. Experience it below:
E-Book: How To Make Money With iPhone Applications: 

Next time you need a book, do not rush to nearest bookstore. You can get it on your Notebook absolutely free. 

Happy reading!

Subodh Raghav

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