Feb 20, 2012

Hide Your Real Email Address With Yahoo! Disposable Email Addresses

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Yahoo! Mail has recently launched a new feature called Disposable Email Addresses. This new feature enables you to create multiple email addresses (not accounts) in a single Yahoo mail account. You can send and receive the emails for these disposable addresses using the Yahoo mail account only. 

Do I need one: Yes and No? It depends upon your personal preferences. Some people use only one email address for all the work and feel good with just one. But a typical net user need at least one additional email address and the best and quickest method is creating through disposable email address.

You can receive all the Emails addressed to disposable mail addresses in your current Yahoo mail account. Folders can be created to receive the emails in receive the respective folders.

What if I am no longer require a disposable mail address! It can be deleted anytime by just having few clicks. All the Emails addressed to a deleted mail address will be returned to the recipient.

How to create one:
  1.  Login to your existing Yahoo Email account
  2. Go to options and select Disposable Email Addresses
  3. Click on the Add Address displayed at the top
  4. Fill the desired address in the given field and follow the instruction until you are done.
  5. After a disposable Email address is created, you can test it by sending a test mail from your real Yahoo Email address.
I have created one and using it all over the web. The moment my disposable Email address starts receiving spam mails, I delete it immediately. Isn’t it great to have control in your hands?

What do you think!

Subodh Raghav

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